The Illuminati exposed 2021.

Lin Wood exposes the Illuminati and child trafficking politicians is it possible this is the beginning of the world wide great awakening? Please share and help spread the truth.


A documentary that is essential.

Freedom convention 2021

Exposing the truth of the matter at hand, the abuse and trafficking of our children by the satanic politicians who we have elected.. the time to make a change is now, for our future is at steak. The freedom convention in Oklahoma link is right here. Share this if you are a patriot and care to #saverhechildren #saveourrightsThe freedom conference 2021

Watch the entire thing

Step one is getting over the denial that the Illuminati, Deep state run government, pedo-politician involved satanic child traffickers are the powers that are trying to diminish our freedom, and most importantly, steal our children. The children are our future and if you and I do not protect the children, no one is safe, and our future will be one of stricken rights and communist ran United States, and world.

However, it will not only be a communist run US / World, it WILL BE absent action from We The People, a satanic-pedophilic-communist-run world. We The People will not allow it.

The Fate of the world is in your hands

We are at a pivotal point in the history of the entire world. This is a time that is of utmost importance and is paramount to the future of man kind as we know it. The general public at this point in time is blind to what is happening. Truly becoming awake and knowing and believing what has really been done right before our for so very very long now is not an easy thing to accept. In my research in pursuit to the truth, there were times I read and or seen things that had cycled the entire spectrum of emotions, to the point I could not sleep, eat or even think about anything other than sling myself “why” and “what the fuck is wrong with these humans”? I burned my mind out exhausted, and withdrawn, and my social study has costed me countless, endless nights of just reading and watching videos of testimony, fact finders and other truth seekers. The most seemingly unreal are almost always the most REAL.

The beginning middle and end. In short, what you probably need to know is that what I say is recommended to be researched and learned first hand. I’m not saying I am not creditable. I’m not saying I am lying. I am saying, critical thinking for ones self is the utmost importance and is the first lesson one must learn to ascertain.

We are the people of the world, we are the people of a higher power, God. Whatever your god may be, we all got here the same way and that is undisputed.

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