Mainstream Media Mafia Can No Longer Deny the Plandemic

The said conspiracy theory on the origins of where the covid Chinese virus came from(The Wuhan lab- with the help of Fauci and his cronies) can NOT be further denied. Article from the Telegraph here tells what happened.

A few words to reflect on

If you have not figured it out by now that we have been lied to for quite some time, and this pandemic shamdemic is no exception, a serious you outta take a long look in the mirror, and reflect, meditate on it, pray for the truth to come to you. 

With the widespread smear campaign propagating a fake pandemic, and not allowing for freedom of speech, the people behind this are on an agenda and that is communism. Fear is their weapon, and We all, and humans and patriots of live and love and liberty, hold the kryptonite.

However with continued division among the masses, due to the propaganda being perpetrated by groups like BLM and antifa, both groups duplicitous in the that their acts of terror are to invoke division among the people. The worstnn by part about this is there are many folks who are buying into the bullshit. These dangerous groups are creating division and attempting to scratch open wounds that have been healed or have been healing since equality had been established in the day of Doctor King Jr.

I encourage everyone to educate yourself before you find yourself in a place where it may be too late. This is a very pivotal moment in the game and the game is the history of man kind. Wake up your mind, spirit, and in some cases, your body as well!

Facebook : Still manipulating ‘News’ Feeds In 2021

Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users’ Emotions For Science

Just look at how they are continuing to block the truth from getting out about the Current situation with covid-19. They are duplicitous and here is an article published back in 2014 about how they can manipulate what content you see everyday you scroll down the FAKEbook TrAPP

Facebook’s data scientists manipulated the News Feeds of 689,003 users, filling them with either positive posts or negative posts or posts devoid of sentiment in order to see how it affected their moods.
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