CPS caught fabricating evidence.

Before Child Protective Services had Marks in its crosshairs, that state agency thought highly of her as a parent. She was a parental safety placement for a drug addicted baby.
— Read on www.fox26houston.com/news/mother-accuses-cps-of-fabricating-evidence-in-lawsuit

—- See docket on https://www.leagle.com/decision/infco20190808079

SUPREME COURT: Facebook can be sued for facilitating sex trafficking

As suspected, for quite some time now, Facebook can be facing some serious legal suits in the near future..It was not that long ago, I had been ridiculed by a handful of friends on social media platforms(Facebook & Instagram) when I had posted about how Facebook is allowing the sex related trafficking of children, the gig appears to be up, the bottoms falling out and the truth is being heard. At least a little bit of the truth so far it’s a good slow rolling start.

We are at least making some progress in the Right direction (Natural News published this article [below]) on

The social media platforms that millions of Americans have become addicted to for their daily entertainment are bastions of child abuse, it turns out..

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