NEWS: NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group updates the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include those with natural immunity.

“A person who has had a documented COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days is considered the equivalent of ‘fully vaccinated.'”

or purposes of the winter guidelines, the NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group has developed a definition of “fully vaccinated” that considers both vaccination status and other immunity factors that may impact risks for Tier 1 individuals, including student-athletes and coaches. Those considered fully vaccinated include people:

  • Within two months of having completed the primary series of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose).
  • Within five months of having completed the primary series of the mRNA Pfizer vaccine, or within six months of having completed the primary series of the mRNA Moderna vaccine (two doses for both).
  • Who have received a booster vaccine if they are beyond two months of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or beyond five or six months of the mRNA Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, respectively.

A person who has had a documented COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days is considered the equivalent of “fully vaccinated.”

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In a nutshell, the zombie like robot sheeple in our hospitals, and schools and other agencies continue to push the covid narrative because of one thing and that is money. The continued incentives that are being presented by these global fascists in the form of federal relief funds so long as compliance is met, is what is going on here. It’s nothing more than a control freaks. (Among many other things I know that they are)

Some heavy brainwashing has been occurring and for quite some time.. it’s outright evil possessing so many folks. Some, even may still believe this is all about some ‘virus’…. And even crazier is acquiescing to masking up yourself and your kids along with inoculations of the very thing that’s been killing people from all corners of the world. It’s not okay to remain silent . Think for yourself. Use your brain or someone else will.

Sadly, it will not cease to exist until everyone of us stops allowing for it. No one else is going to vax if they haven’t already, everyone’s pretty much fed up with the whole back and forth, nonsense that’s being fed via mainstream media.

The latest performance in the mystifying theater of the absurd to which we’ve all been privy over the course of the plandemic is an act of contortionism. The thing doing the contorting, however, is the English language, and it’s acting under duress.

A new concept that the perpetual pandemic now confronts us with is the idea of the optional mandate. We are now subject to behavioral inducements that are supposedly so vital that they must be imposed on you from on high. Yet, those inducements are so uncompelling that their enforcement is lax-to-nonexistent, and the likelihood is that those who observe these dictates will least benefit from them.

From: The commentary.org


participle of mandare “to order, commit to one’s charge,” literally “to give into one’s hand,” probably from manus “hand” (from PIE root *man- (2) “hand”) + dare “to give” (from PIE root *do- “to give”).

So therefore to commit or not to commit to a mandate is the question and the choice is up to you.

In conclusion, there is NO mandate that is ever ever ever a mandatory.

The truth always reveals itself.- truth will prevail always.

A Mother Needed Welfare. Instead, the State Used Welfare Funds to Take Her Son.

Arizona spends a majority of its welfare budget on the Department of Child Safety. The agency then investigates many poor parents, sometimes removing their children for reasons stemming from their poverty.

Last year, on a monthly basis, Arizona denied an average of 3,709 out of 4,277 applications from poor families seeking cash assistance. Just 6% of all families in poverty here get such help, compared with a national rate of 23%.

A big part of the reason is that Arizona spends only 13% of its welfare funding on welfare itself, and none on child care or pre-K. Meanwhile, it diverts 61% of the dollars to the state’s child protective services system, which amounts to more than $150 million repurposed in this way every year, a ProPublica review of budget documents shows.


Maxwell verdict says GUILTY

5 out of 6 Charges: Here’s the breakdown:

▪️Count 1: Guilty – Conspiracy to entice underage persons for Illegal sexual activity

▪️Count 2: Not Guilty

▪️Count 3: Guilty – Conspiracy to transport underage persons for Illegal sexual activity

▪️Count 4: Guilty – Transportation of (Jane only) for Illegal sexual activity

▪️Count 5: Guilty – Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of person under 18

▪️Count 6: Guilty – Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of person under 18 (Carolyn only)

Count 2 refers to: “Enticement of an Individual Under the Age of 17 (Jane only) to Travel with Intent to Engage in Illegal Sexual Activity.”

Below are a few short videos to get started.

The big picture on child trafficking
Epstein short documentary


The Don gets Booed for pushing the vax

Former President Donald Trump was heckled in Dallas Sunday for confirming he received his COVID-19 booster shot . Trump appeared with ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly as part of their ‘History Tour’.

Trump had encouraged the crowd to ‘take credit’ for the vaccine. ‘You’re playing right into their hands when you’re sort of like ‘oh the vaccine,” the ex-president said.

Why hasn’t anyone done the math… We know the patents for the vaxs were in prior to the “plandemic” so Operation Warp Speed was a total scam. They already had the jabs developed. So Trump is either ignorant, lying or in on it…any of which is bad. Just plain logic folks.


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