Trafficking of Children in the middle of the night by DoD Contracts

Absolutely concerning evidence of shady activities being done under the radar.

A plane carrying children lands at Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was 1:30 am. Subsequently, TV station WRCB spotted three other planes carrying between 30 – 50 children at the airport over the period of 3 to 5 day observation. Each time, the children came out of the planes wearing matching bags and entered buses that were headed to various destinations.

The senator of the state of TN, Marsha Blackburn had not been made aware of any of these secret shady operations, and comments in another article

As for the White House spokesperson, Jen Circle-back, she had responded..

“Tennessee is a state right in the middle of the country and some kids have to travel through there to get to their destination...”

It is Uncertain if The WH spokesperson Jen Circleback has yet to become aware of the location of State of Tennessee or not.

The following conclusion, if you are new to the knowledge of the elite and their agenda, before making irrational conclusions, research and learn about what they are in order to better understand what is going on:

If you know something about the occult elite, you’re probably aware of its darkest secret: It requires a constant supply of children to fuel its many horrific deeds. These include MKULTRA, satanic ritual abuse, pedophile rings, prostitution, blood sacrifices, and more. One must be completely blind to not realize that the scattering of undocumented migrant children across the country in the middle of the night to unidentified “sponsors” is the perfect way to supply these networks.
The occult elite wants open borders across the world for many reasons. One of them is because they provide an unlimited supply of children to feed underground networks. If these children were truly about to be united with loved ones, we’d see tear-jerking videos about them reuniting which would make amazing PR for the government. However, that’s not what’s happening. At all. These children are moved in the middle of the night as if this was a black op. Because that’s what it is.

President Donald Trump has announced that he will be visiting the boarder in Texas! More on that in a few.

Yet another Hoax Exposed. The Level of Crud is Colossal And is Causing more people to start paying more attention.

The once creditable govt agencies, the three letter agencies such as FBI CIA CPS DHS, has diminished astronomically in the past few years. The amount of cognitive dissonance that the public will experience is paramount, and is the primary reason some citizens who are just being exposed to this level of corruption and events such as this “shell shocks” the system and that is what is happening.
Video from YouTube

BREAKING NEWS : evidence shows 100% Election Fraud

Stop the press! The forensics evidence is being decided, and the evidence shows China up addresses as attacker, and target IPs as, you guessed it! Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona , all compromised votes. The evidence is non negotiable and the data doesn’t lie. The CCP and you can only imagine who else are the ones responsible for this. Off to the Supreme Court with the evidence after the completion of reading and verifying the data packets, then double verifying them.

This is the biggest crime / attack on our country.

It is important to share this breaking news report. Watch the video Right here:

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