Data-dump adrenochrome paper trail (part 2)

This video (part 2) shares a large data-dump, documents leaked on a usb-stick, that exposes an international network in the production and sale of adrenochrome. This network extends into the US, Germany, the UK and China, as these documents point ou…
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Survivor Speaks out the Truth: Human Sex Traffic Is The real pandemic.

Survivor Alley: speaking up on human sex trafficking (video excerpt from 1984 blogposts and
A Memorial Day to remember for sure. Many gathered in Palm Beach County Florida this year and not only observing our veterans who have put each one of us before themselves as they fought for our country and our freedom. Without them you or I may not be able to enjoy our families and this land of the free. take a listen to a video clip from the live stream of the Boat Parade palm Beach County, Juniper, Florida. 

The “hands on” approach as Survivor, Alley Tells the RSBN.
Donald Trump is the only president to date that has taken this major problem and addressed it from the day he became our president. It’s quite true that Human trafficking is the true pandemic and the need for more people to speak out on this subject is vital, and Many would agree, obligatory.

Take the time and talk about human trafficking with your neighbors, family and friends today. Being informed and knowing what the signs are is paramount.

Remember, it’s about the Children first, they are our future. More on this to come.


Step one is getting over the denial that the Illuminati, Deep state run government, pedo-politician involved satanic child traffickers are the powers that are trying to diminish our freedom, and most importantly, steal our children. The children are our future and if you and I do not protect the children, no one is safe, and our future will be one of stricken rights and communist ran United States, and world.

However, it will not only be a communist run US / World, it WILL BE absent action from We The People, a satanic-pedophilic-communist-run world. We The People will not allow it.

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