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Please check out this gal, Cory Diggs web site, as it is a very resourceful tool for knowledge and for education on researching and digging. many good resources and web links .


A Library for Redpilling

By Corey Lynn

I recently made this video to break down some agendas and my thought process on various scenarios we face, the deconstruction of systems and creation of new systems. I thought it would be helpful to provide my library of reports I’ve composed, so as to strip away the illusions so that we can all move forward in a more powerful light. Many of these would be great for redpilling friends, coworkers, and family. Below, I have created a library catalog with direct links to my reports and/or videos that help break all of this down, as well as fantastic resources for research and fact checking!

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A lot of people are struggling with trying to “redpill,” “wake others up,” or simply communicate with others who may not see eye to eye on many topics. I think the biggest issue is the “divide” that’s been created, that we’ve all fallen into – the left vs right. If we remove that and go directly to core issues, the fact of the matter is, it’s really about a corrupt force that has infiltrated every institution to control and take advantage of people. Instead of approaching conversations from the standpoint of “left vs right,” remove politics all together and discuss the core issues that are impacting all people, such as health.

Most people would agree that big pharma does not have people in their best interest, and most people are dealing with health issues and/or their children are suffering. This might be the best avenue for breaking through to someone. Not necessarily jumping straight into vaccine discussions, but showing concern for another, offering help and suggestions, and revealing some of the corruption in the health industry in small doses that may even apply to their situation. Another entry point for conversation may be the books children are reading in school. I did a report on this, which is in the list below. It’s indoctrination and fear mongering, and most moms would likely find common ground here, but perhaps leaving off the word “indoctrination” in the opening of the conversation would be less intimidating.

Once you find common ground and are no longer a “threat,” and they’ve recognized some areas of corruption, you can begin to trickle out other truths. But I think the most important thing is to always keep in mind that this isn’t about winning a debate, needing to be right, or forcing something on someone who isn’t ready – this is about healing ourselves and healing others, and ultimately, reclaiming our power, much of which is spiritual. Always come from a place of compassion, for if you don’t, it will be felt and a wall will quickly emerge. Intention is everything, and the ultimate goal is for all of humanity to evolve out of this system and outside of the box they’ve tried to keep us in. So find common ground, deliver a heartfelt message, and make sure your intention is in alignment. People naturally want to help others, want to feel supported and loved, and need to feel “safe,” so stepping out of bounds, will only end in disaster. Get out of the ego, into the heart, and keep it real.

The Library Catalog

Most of my reports include extensive timelines, some with maps, players involved, money flow, and how it all connects. I expose the nests, webs, and operations in a comprehensive but easy- to-follow format, and link to all evidence. These are not typical articles – they are dissections, though there are many shorter articles in this library as well. Most of my lengthier reports can also be found in The Bookshop available in PDF download.

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For Those Beginning to Awaken, with Open Minds & A Thirst for Truth

30 Big Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans Blissfully Oblivious in A Land of Turmoil

Mind Manipulation Tactics – A Good Primer

CIA Coined & Weaponized The Label “Conspiracy Theory”

Controlling Narratives & Censorship: Google & Social Media

Interview with Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Indoctrination, Normalization & Degenderization

Indoctrinating Children

Homeschoolers Pay Attention

Cognitive Dissonance Mudslide

Agendas Perpetrated on and Effecting All Human Beings:

For Those Ready to Go Deep

Abortion Industry + Video Summary of Report

Eugenics, Plus Population Growth Myth

HIV/AIDS Industry (A book I am rolling out one chapter at a time)

Organic & GMO Industries Converge

The Cancer within Modern Medicine (by The Sharp Edge)

Transgender Industry + Video Summary of Report

Vaccine Industry + Video Part 1 and Video Part 2

History Was Made: They Hijacked Our Health, But It’s Not Lost

This video below is KEY to understanding how the entire healthcare industry operates, who is really running the show, how they influence policies, prioritize funding for health issues, and ultimately use taxpayer dollars to do it. This is an extensive video breaking it all down, in addition to chapter 3 of the book on AIDS, which covers the financials and agendas of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They are essentially the revolving bank for the healthcare industry, in control, along with UN factions.

© Copyright 2020

Trump Executive Orders in Chronological Order

Additional Journalists, Show Hosts, Authors & Creative Forces

How To Take Action

Weekly Dig It! Podcast

I also do a weekly podcast with The Speaker and The Sharp Edge that comes out every Friday. We cover hot news topics, our reports, and offer insights on different topics, as well as theories. We like to have a good laugh or two as well, because this world can oftentimes be too darn serious!

You can find us on: YouTube, Google Play, iHeartRadio,

Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Interviews on Reports

If you prefer audio: There are numerous interviews where I have discussed many of my reports

and news topics on wonderful shows: SGTreport, John B. Wells, Dr. Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom, Northwest Liberty News, The McFiles, RedPill78, Sarah Westall, Quite Frankly, The Steel Truth, Dr. Elaine George, and other great radio shows. Just click on the “Interviews & Discussions with Corey” playlist.

I hope that each person willing to dive into these depths to strip away the illusions, finds comfort in the fact that by knowing the truth it leads us all to the possibilities that lie ahead – a world where we can all begin to let go of anger, betrayal and resentment and move forward together to create a more compassionate world with systems that work to everyone’s benefit.

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