Biden in his “Oval Office”video from February 2021

Here is a Joe Biden in the Oval Office, studio replica that is. This isn’t the only time there has been a staging of Biden in the WH, green screen and cgi technology have successfully fooled some, not all, many times, getting on and off air planes, and situations where he appeared to be in the WH, Oval Office as well. Here is a video from February 2021.

An independent reporter and photographer provides side by side comparison of what almost appears to be Biden in the White House Oval Office, however, a second look shows otherwise. Joe is filming at a Studio owned by Amazon, Castle Rock Entertainment located at 851 Bronze Ln, Los Angeles, CA. Clearly this was taken a few months ago, however, if you have not yet seen this side by side comparison for the skeptics who deny many other facts, and the fact checker web pages are the biggest liars out there. This video was posted by a photographer and journalist for an alternative news media Conservative news Network.

Author: Save Our children save their future: drain the swamp.

Radio communications background, musician, digital audio and design production and many years in the quality control and production / manufacturing industry. In lieu of world wide crisis, now truth seeker of all facets. -BLF

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