Pennsylvania: Luzerne County Children and Youth Agency violations corruption and fraud. Schuylkill County CYS WILL be next!

LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There are more troubles for the embattled Luzerne County Children and Youth Services. The state has now downgraded the agency’s license to provisional.

“Luzerne County Children and Youth Services license downgraded to provisional”


This comes just months after the former director of C.Y.S. was charged with ordering staff to erase reports of child abuse and neglect from its records in May of 2017.

It means that Luzerne County C.Y.S. is now under the microscope of the state and in a worse-case scenario, it can possibly lose its license and the state could take over.

Luzerne County Children and Youth Services is now operating on what’s called a ‘provisional license. It must follow an action plan handed down by the state Department of Human Services to correct what’s described as a deficiency in how the agency is operated and how child abuse reports and handled.

“I wasn’t sure I believed the agency had turned the corner moving forward and meeting state requirements and regulations. But the state thought it was important to issue a provisional license and we are taking that very seriously,” Acting Luzerne County Manager Romilda Crocamo said.

Luzerne County C.Y.S. has been under fire for its handling or mishandling of child abuse complaints. The county even hired a law firm to investigate the operations of the agency and make recommendations to improve its operations.

“What it means is the state will be giving a correction plan. They will be monitoring our compliance with that plan for the next six months. It does not mean the state will be coming in essentially running Children and Youth Services,” Crocamo said.

Author: Save Our children save their future: drain the swamp.

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