In a nutshell, the zombie like robot sheeple in our hospitals, and schools and other agencies continue to push the covid narrative because of one thing and that is money. The continued incentives that are being presented by these global fascists in the form of federal relief funds so long as compliance is met, is what is going on here. It’s nothing more than a control freaks. (Among many other things I know that they are)

Some heavy brainwashing has been occurring and for quite some time.. it’s outright evil possessing so many folks. Some, even may still believe this is all about some ‘virus’…. And even crazier is acquiescing to masking up yourself and your kids along with inoculations of the very thing that’s been killing people from all corners of the world. It’s not okay to remain silent . Think for yourself. Use your brain or someone else will.

Sadly, it will not cease to exist until everyone of us stops allowing for it. No one else is going to vax if they haven’t already, everyone’s pretty much fed up with the whole back and forth, nonsense that’s being fed via mainstream media.

The latest performance in the mystifying theater of the absurd to which we’ve all been privy over the course of the plandemic is an act of contortionism. The thing doing the contorting, however, is the English language, and it’s acting under duress.

A new concept that the perpetual pandemic now confronts us with is the idea of the optional mandate. We are now subject to behavioral inducements that are supposedly so vital that they must be imposed on you from on high. Yet, those inducements are so uncompelling that their enforcement is lax-to-nonexistent, and the likelihood is that those who observe these dictates will least benefit from them.

From: The


participle of mandare “to order, commit to one’s charge,” literally “to give into one’s hand,” probably from manus “hand” (from PIE root *man- (2) “hand”) + dare “to give” (from PIE root *do- “to give”).

So therefore to commit or not to commit to a mandate is the question and the choice is up to you.

In conclusion, there is NO mandate that is ever ever ever a mandatory.

The truth always reveals itself.- truth will prevail always.

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